In my last post, I talked about what a great song “Happy” by Pharrell is to wake up to, because of how positive it is. Another song that always brightens up my day is “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons.

I love to play this song when I’m feeling down, because it always puts a smile on my face. I was talking with Candi about “On Top of the World” a couple days ago, and she felt the same way. Candi was telling me that when she hears this song she doesn’t even bother to use her whitening cream or makeup because the good mood of the song brightens up her complexion.

Most people, I think, will just listen to the chorus and the upbeat melody. And that’s fine. It’s certainly a positive song! But I think that looking at the lyrics reveals a deeper song than it might appear at first glance. Take a look:

I’ve tried to cut these corners
Try to take the easy way out
I kept on falling short of something

I coulda gave up then but
Then again I couldn’t have ’cause
I’ve traveled all this way for something

This song is about someone who never gives up, despite the obstacles that life places in his way. He just keeps on moving forward with his plans, because he feels on top of the world. This song reminds me a lot of “Try” by P!nk, which is another of my favorite motivational songs. No matter what happens, you have to keep on pushing forward rather than making excuses for your failure.

Songs like “On Top of the World” are what I wish I’d listened to when I was younger, rather than depressing emo stuff. I’m a big believer that the music that you listen to has a big influence on your daily moods and your overall worldview. Keeping a playlist full of motivating songs like this can be really helpful when you’re working on something important and you’re tempted to give up when it gets frustrating.


“On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons – My Favorite Motivational Song